[Rezension] Marykate and Ashley Olsen „Two of a kind The Sleepover Secret #3“

About the book

  • Taschenbuch: 112 Seiten
  • Verlag: HarperEntertainment (3. Februar 1999)
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-10: 0061065730
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061065736


What a blast! Ashley is having a sleepover–and Jennifer Dilber, the most popular girl in school, is coming! Ashley works super-hard to make sure her party will be perfect. She doesn’t want any surprises. But she gets a big surprise when the girls play Truth or Dare–and Mary-Kate tells Jennifer an amazing secret. A secret she’s never even told Ashley…

Look inside for our photo scrapbook from the show!

Maybe I say this thousand times but I love this bookseries.

This book is about Marykate and Ashley, who go to school and plan a party. Jennifer Dilber, the cool girl in school is invited. Ashley is very happy because she wants to be the cool girl in school to. The girs have fun. Then they play Truth or dare and Ashley fins a secrets, that Markate never told her sister before and she is shocked. Dont worry, I wont tell the secret, because you have to read it.

I love the cover design from the book. I dont need pink and glitter, and weird fantasy stuff. I like all the covers of the twins. The Book is written very easily and its a short story at about 88 pages. So you can read it at least for a day. For a schooler girl its the right story Its not to long. And you understand everything. The story is very funny and very sweet even though the twins live together and have a fight. Maybe the book wants to tell us, that you sometimes have a fight with your sister and its normal. The idea of the story is good, cuz its hows that the girls where normal girls eve though they were famous.

I know the story is very easy but its very good to read it and have fun at all.

© Moira AW

© harper collins

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