[Rezension] Marykate and Ashley „Two of a Kind Calling all boys #9″

about the book:

  • Taschenbuch: 112 Seiten
  • Verlag: HarperEntertainment (2. Februar 2000)
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-10: 006106579X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061065798

Dear Diary,

When Mary-Kate and I packed up to come to White oak Academy, I thought boarding school would be like regular school. But it’s totally strange! The principal is called a headmistress, seventh grade is called first form, and my roommate is called well–I call her weird. And the worst thing is there’s this huge dance coming up.

I know I know. I , Ashley Burke, dont want to go to a dance? But here’s the deal–the girls have to ask the boys. And i dont know any.

Now it makes sense . If you read book 1 – 9 then yoyu can understand why this book is a Diary instead of a normal book. Its about Ashley and Marykate Burke who are moving to White oak Acadamy, because their dad goes to somewhere with Carrie. But then theres a party in Feburary an the grls need dates and they dont know the boys at alal. So they get crazy

The blurb sounds very interesting and I was very curious what this story is about. And I was very happy to read one of their books again. I didnt had any expectations, because I know that I love this story even though I am to old for these. I have seen this film.

As always I am addicted to their book cover. I know you can see the twins on the photo, but its beautiful. The Book color is green.

the writing skills is very easy and short. There’s also an acorn magazin where they write stories and some calender. The Story is written very easy so you can understand everything. There are no complicated words in the story. And its fluent and funny

Heroes are as always Marykate and Ashley. The idea of the story is good. The story is easy but good. So I am addicted to the books and the story is very short to read it. The story is made easy but thats okay. I love these books. The story is based on the tv series that I havent seen and is near the reality.

© Moira AW

© HarperEntertainment

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