[Rezension] Marykate and Ashley „Two of a Kind Winner take alle #10″

  • Schuljahr : 3 – 6
  • Taschenbuch : 112 Seiten
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0061065804
  • ISBN-10 : 0061065803
  • Größe und/oder Gewicht : 13.34 x 0.64 x 19.05 cm
  • Herausgeber : HarperEntertainment (1. April 2000)
  • Artikelgewicht : 930 g
  • Leseniveau : 8 – 12 Jahre
  • Sprache: : Englisch

Dear Diary,

Today was the worst day of my life. I tried out for the White Oak softball team, and it was a total disaster. I couldn’t do anything right. I never even made it to the first base. I missed a fly ball. And I struck out–six times in a row!

But that’s not the worst thing. Ashley is the new gossip columnist for the school paper–and she wrote something about me. Something I didn’t want anyone else to know!

After Markate and Ashley went to White Oak Academy, they want to do and learn new stuff. Marykate wants to be in the softball team and even though she is good at sport – it didnt g well after all and that made her crazy. Ashley wants to write for the columnist At the beginning it goes well, Even though she is cared to hurt everyone feelings. And Ashley has a lot of stuff to and has to write a new gossip column. The person who says that is her enemy Dana Woletsky. The girl who doesnt like Ashley. And Ashley wants to be a friends her Ashley writes another gossip rumors, whose feeling is very hurt. Whose the person is, yoyu might guess but you have to read it.

Even though you cant buy the book and its almost 20 years old. The Blurb sounds very interesting. And it made me very curious. So I had to read the book. This time its a diary from the twins Both of the twins tell their problem and what happened In a diary. The story is a little bit longer than the other ones (like Book 1 or 5) and its written very interesting. Even tough the story is easy and easy to understand. I also like the cover of the book. Its very nice and colorful.

I also liked the story very much.

(c)Harper entertainment

(c) Moira AW

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