[Rezension] Marykate and Ashley „Two of a Kind PS Wish you were here #11″

About the book:

  • Taschenbuch: 112 Seiten
  • Verlag: HarperEntertainment (30. Mai 2000)
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-10: 0061065811
  • ISBN-13: 978-0061065811

Mary-Kate has decided to move back to Chicago, but Ashley refuses to leave their new boarding school, White Oak Academy. The twins have never been separated before–how will they cope?

Written in diary format and featuring excerpts from the twins‘ letters and E-mails to one another, this super edition is sure to please. Don’t miss this very special final installment of the three part super-special miniseries–Two Of A Kind Diaries!

Now I understand the book. If you read then – make sure you buy the other books too, so yu can understand the whole situation and story. Well Marykate goes back to Chicago and leaves ashley alone in the Whte Oak Academy. The reason you might find is in the Book #10. After all the girls try to have contacts but it doesnt work either. Ashley wonders if Marykate hates her and Marykat wonders if ashley hates her.

Marykate is back in Chicago ad she misses her Team. She is happy with it But then she wants to go to the theatre and wants to learn it. Her friends were laughing at it, so marykate lies the team, misses practice and lies to their friends. Ashley has a problem to. Their cousin Jeremy stole her homework in writing. Ashley tried to convince him to give him back, but he doesnt. Because nobody will find it out. Will somebody find out?

#The girls need both their helps but the contact is low. This story is in a diary, so marykate and ashley tell their diary what happened in their life.

I must say I am very addicted to Marykate ad Ashley books.They are all so good and I know they are easy and not really that good, but when I was younger I loved reading the and they followed my whole entire life. The blurb sounds very interesting. And I was very happy to read one of their books again.

The Story is written very easy so you can understand everything. There are no complicated words in the story. And its fluent and funny

I know that of the Two Of a kind there are 40 books out. The sadest thing is, you cannot buy them any more. And I loved them. All of them not just two of a kind, its “So little time, Sweet 16” The book cover is beautiful and I love it. That’s why I love these series and their books.

The story is easy and has no much longer sites. But thats okay for me, cuz those stories are very good to learn English or get better in English. The story is near the reality, thats what I like about those books.

(c)Harper entertainment

(c) Moira AW

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