[Rezension] Marykate and Ashley „Two of a Kind War of warderobe #13″

About the book

  • Taschenbuch : 112 Seiten
  • ISBN-10 : 0061066362
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0061066368
  • Herausgeber : HarperEntertainment (3. Oktober 2000)
  • Größe und/oder Gewicht : 12.7 x 0.64 x 19.69 cm
  • Sprache: : Englisch

Ashley can’t believe it. White Oak Academy is going to require the students to wear uniforms–and its all her fault! Ahsley wrote an article about dress codes for the school newspaper, and everyone is talking about it. her sister, Mary-Kate, doesn’t think uniforms are such a bad idea. In fact, they’d make life a whole lot simpler. But she knows Ashley dreads a fashionless future. Now, Mary-Kate and Ashley have to devise a brilliant plan to ban the uniforms–and fast!

The story is about Marykate and Ashley Burke who lives in White Oak Academy. They found out, that in White Oak Academy there is going to be change. The uniforms, everyone has to wear them. But the twins arent really happy about it. Ashley tries everything so that the head changes her mind. Even though the head gives her a chance to make a new outfit out. But whatever Ashley does, it end up not good. Marykate has a problem too. Shes in love in a boy and wants his attention, but he doesn’7 recognize her. Now she thinks, she has to be different Will she ever get his attention? #

Read it than you will find out about it.

The Book cover is as always colorful and I like the design of it. The blurb sounds very interesting and made me curious. I wanted to find out more about the story, The idea of the story is very good. The story is not very short but you can read it in one day. You can understand it easily. The text isnt really hard to understand, it was fine and good.

One for all I liked the story again.

(c)Harper entertainment

(c) Moira AW

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