[Rezension] Sabine Both “ Move To Cloud Nine „

About the book:

  • Herausgeber : Thienemann Verlag; 1., Edition (1. September 2004)
  • Sprache : Deutsch, Englisch
  • Taschenbuch : 202 Seiten
  • ISBN-10 : 352217688X
  • ISBN-13 : 978-3522176880
  • Lesealter : 12 – 15 Jahre
  • Abmessungen : 12.6 x 2.4 x 20.7 cm

Jule is shocked: her parents are moving and she has to go with them. Things are terrible in her new class at school. Everyone dances to the tune of the self-important bitch Helen. Luckily Mechthild turns up, and the two new pupils get on marvellously with each other right from the start. Mechthild doesnnt think much of the bitchy behaviour of other girls, but unfortunately she doesnnt think much of boys, either. They only cause trouble. But it is precisely in matters of the heart that Jule desperately needs her support. Because Jule is madly in love! Reihe: Freche Mädchen – freches Englisch. Ab 12 Jahren

This story is in English, thats why the review is in english. Jule is shocked, because her parents are making a new step ahead. They move away from their hometown and now Jule has no friends in her new hometown and wants to move back to her old hometown. But then she meets Mechthild, who turns out to be her best friend. Than Jule falls in love in a guy and mechthild has to help her out.

This story is for girls between twelve years old and fifteen years old. It is written very easily and very funny. I had fun reading the story. If you are learning english and want to get better, this book is perfect for it.

Some words were written down and were translated in german. So you can still understand the story. The Bookcover is very nice designed.

© Moira AW

© Thienemann

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