[Rezension] L.L Baum “ The Wizard of Oz“

About the book

  • Hardcover, 208 pages
  • Published 1994 by Barnes & Noble, Inc. (first published March 17th 1900)
  • ISBN 10: 1566197120 /
  • ISBN 13: 9781566197120
  • Language: Englisch

As a cyclone races across the flat, gray landscape of Kansas, young Dorothy runs for cover into the home of her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. The powerful twister, however, uproots the whole house and takes the orphan girl and her dog, Toto, to an incredible new land.

The bookcover is quiete nice designed. I like the color and the 4 different people. The story is written very easily, so you as a child at the age about eight years old, can understand the story very well. I didnt knrw that there was a series from „the Wizard Of Oz“ and this book was the first book from the series. The story is about Dorothy who lived with her oncle and aunt in Kansas. Than suddenly a cyclone came to their home and Dorothy has to hide herself. When she opens her eyes everything was as normal but when she got outside she relaizes she wasnt anymore in Kansas.

She killed a witch and wnated to get back to Kansas. First she has to meet Oz, to ask her, if he help her. She goes along the way and meets three other different people. Will Dorothy goes back to her real home?

The idea of the story is a good idea. I kind of like all of the people in the story. Dorthoy was at the beginning very shy. If i were her, i would have cried in tears. But she was brave and strong and did everything to go back home to Kansas.

So far I liked the story very well.

(c) Moira AW
(c) Moira AW

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